About SAS

The original SAS Wisconsin, fall 2008


The Silent Assassins Squad is an international paintball club headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with members across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and across the world. We are the largest paintball organization in the world and in the history of the sport.  At this time we have approximately 1,500 members in 15 countries!  Do a search for SAS Woodsball in Google, Youtube, or Facebook and you’ll find us in the top 5 listings.

We got our start in the summer of 2008 with a couple local players who were looking for a challenge and wanted players with a strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play.  We mostly play milsim woodsball, but we have members who enjoy every aspect of the sport and use every type of marker available.  We’re interested in the character and camaraderie of our members who go out of their way to congratulate opposing players on a good shot and who help fellow members when they need help.

This quote is from our SAS Woodsball website:

The Silent Assassins Squad club is for people who have the same interest in, and respect for, the game of woodsball and each other. All of our members hold great value in sportsmanship, a solid competitive edge, fair play and respect for other players. We are diehards about the sport – meaning that we push forward right to the last man, even after we are out of ammo. We eat, sleep, drink, dream, breathe and can’t get enough of woodsball. Our motto says it all, “Fight to the last man”.

We are always recruiting new members and starting new chapters, so check out our website and find us on Facebook.  Look for us at your next big game – we’re growing every day!  Get in touch with any member if you want more information about joining or starting a chapter.